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[icon] Apres Ski part 1 - Donna Moss Ficathon
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Subject:Apres Ski part 1
Time:10:09 pm

I've been having trouble posting this and I won't go into all the details, but part 2 got posted first. So here's part 1 and the other parts will follow. Sorry!!

Title: Après Ski

Written for: bessiemaemucho

Author: natlski

Rating: PG

Category: Josh/Donna

Spoilers: In Excelsis Deo, Noel; but is slightly AU.

Disclaimer:  a girl can only dream (in other words, they’re not mine!)

Author’s Note:  This was supposed to be a little fluff piece, but I couldn’t resist some post- Noel angst, because I love angsty-Josh.    All mistakes are mine- this story is completely un-betaed.

Summary:  “Skis would have killed you?” 



“We’re going to New Hampshire this weekend.”  Josh Lyman crossed his arms over his chest and leaned one hip against his assistant’s desk.


Donna Moss looked up briefly, and then returned her attention to her computer screen.


“The town of Bartlett is having some special ceremony honoring the Bartlet family and the President is going.”  Josh watched Donna’s slender fingers flying over her keyboard for a moment before lifting his gaze to study her profile.


“Uh-huh.”    Donna continued to type, half listening to him.


“Presidential hand holding.”  Josh dropped his hands to his hips, frustrated that he seemed to be alone in the conversation.  “In New Hampshire.”


Still no response.


“In February.”  Josh waited a beat and opened his mouth to speak again when Donna’s hands stilled and she turned to face him.


“So don’t forget to pack your long underwear.”  With that she stood and walked to the printer, removing the page it had just spit out and returning to her desk.


Josh stood mouth still open, at a loss for how to respond.


“You have senior staff right now.”  She handed him the memo, collected some files from her desk and headed down the hallway.


“What just happened?”  Josh wondered aloud.  He stood a moment longer before looking down at the paper in his hand.  He scanned it as he headed for Leo’s office.


“Hey,” Sam Seaborn fell into step beside him.


“Donna just ignored me.”


“How is this new?”  Sam cast a sideways look at his best friend, once again feeling relief that the haunted look that had been present two months earlier was finally fading from those deep brown eyes.


“I’m saying I was trying to talk to her about the New Hampshire trip this weekend and she was ignoring me.”


“What did you do to her?”


“I didn’t…” Josh began to protest, his voice squeaking, just a bit.  “No…”  He groaned as the memory came back to him.  “She was supposed to have the afternoon off yesterday and I made her stay late.”  Josh put a hand to his forehead.  He could feel a head ache coming on.  He seemed to be having a lot of those lately.  “Sam what if she refuses to go this weekend?”  Desperation colored his voice.


“So talk to her.”  Sam shrugged as the two entered the outer office of the Chief of Staff.  “Tell her your plans.”


“But I wanted it to be a surprise.” 


For a moment Josh sounded like a 5 year old and Sam had visions of the Deputy Chief of Staff stomping his feet and dropping to the floor kicking and screaming.  He shook his head to try to clear the image.  “You don’t have to tell her all the details.  Just the basics.”


“What are we talking about?”  CJ Cregg stepped into the room, notebook clutched to her side.


“Josh’s plans for the weekend.”


“Josh is staffing the President in New Hampshire this weekend.”  CJ looked from Sam to Josh, slightly confused.  Sam wore a look that was a mixture of frustration and relief, where as Josh looked absolutely miserable.  “Did you have to cancel a hot date?”


“Honestly, does this have to become a matter of public record?”  Josh knew his tone had become whiney, and he didn’t care.


“You haven’t gone in yet?”  Toby Zeigler asked as he strode into the office to find his coworkers standing around Margaret’s empty desk.


Before any of them could reply, the red headed assistant emerged from the inner office, closing the door behind her.  “It will just be a few more minutes.”  She sat down at her desk and began sorting through files that were stacked on her desk. 


Josh began pacing, absently running his hands through his already tousled hair.


“Perfect!” CJ exclaimed.  “You can tell me about your plans for this weekend.”

“CJ” Josh groaned.


“Oh come on, Josh.”  Sam turned to CJ.  “Josh got permission for him and Donna to stay behind after the event Friday.  He’s going to take her skiing.  It’s his Christmas present to her.”


“Sam!”  Josh cried, horrified at the announcement of his intentions.


“That’s sweet, Josh.”


He dropped his head in embarrassment.  “Yeah, well, I wasn’t exactly in the holiday spirit at Christmas time and didn’t really get her anything.”  His voice dropped to barely audible, “I owe her so much more.”  He cleared his throat.  “Look, don’t tell her, please?”


He looked imploringly at his friends.  


“Let me make it very clear that I could care less what you do or do not do for your assistant.”  Toby grumbled, glancing up from the folder open in his hands.  “As long as it isn’t illegal or other wise damaging to this administration.”


Sam and CJ exchanged amused looks.  Josh turned toward Margaret, who had been busy organizing files at her desk.  She looked him in the eye, silently communicating that she’d keep the information secret, before going back to her work.


“I wanted to surprise her, but now she’s ignoring me.”  Josh dropped into the chair by Margaret’s desk.  “This is all going to blow up in my face.”


CJ looked at Sam again, and then walked over to Josh.  “Mi amore, take my advice.  The last thing Donna needs right now is a huge surprise.”  She lightly touched his shoulder, causing him to meet her eyes.  “Tell her the basics of your plan.  It won’t take away from the special-ness of the gift.”


Before anyone could respond Leo’s door opened and he motioned for the senior staff to enter.  As the others filed past him, Josh stayed in the chair, mulling over what his friends had said.  He lurched to his feet with a groan and spun to follow his co-workers.  Margaret’s soft voice stopped him. 


“They’re right.”


Josh let out a short breath and set his mouth in a tight line. He gave a brief nod to the red-head and moved through the door. 



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Time:2004-07-12 06:02 am (UTC)
ooh!! i like this so far, thanks ^_^ looking forward to part 2... c'mon josh, get it together!
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Time:2004-07-12 12:41 pm (UTC)
You are welcome. I'm glad that you like it so far. I discovered that it was really hard for me to write this for 2 reasons: 1) I can write Josh a lot better than I can write Donna, and 2) It's really hard to write to order! I guess some people can do it, I, apparently, am not one of them! I don't think this was one of my better stories, but I'm glad that you like at least the beginning! I look forward to your thoughts on the whole thing- both positive and negative.
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[icon] Apres Ski part 1 - Donna Moss Ficathon
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