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[icon] Fashionably late? No, not so much. But I try. Hope you like... - Donna Moss Ficathon
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Subject:Fashionably late? No, not so much. But I try. Hope you like...
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Title: Because You Loved Her
For: littleloonlost via the donnaficathon
Pairing: Donna/CJ
Request: Sex in a location other than a bedroom or the office, where Donna is not in love with someone she can't have.
Word count: 1,077
Rating: NC-17
Summary: This was about more than just the sex, wasn't it?

As she pushed you in the door of your place, her slim and elegant fingers gripped your wrists tightly. You never knew her touch to be so forceful. Before you had time to think about it she had you pinned to the floor; your back was pressed against the rug in the center of your living room. There was no time for you to object and suggest the bedroom. Obviously she was running this show.

Her delicate fingers pressed hard against the inside of your wrists, and you thought about how her touch was different than you thought it would be. She was different than anyone you'd even been with.

She was not like Toby, years of frustration pent up and a night of too much booze.

She was not like Danny, full of romance and love that would never wholly be met.

She was not like Josh, misdirected tenderness and caring that was so sweet it made you want to vomit.

She was not like Abbey, so powerful that it's sexy and you'd do anything to please her.

She was not like Carol, who knows you almost better than you know yourself.

You're a slut, and you know it. She knows it, and she's angry that she was the last one you seduced. Wait, you were the one that seduced her, right?

"Why didn't you think I'd want to fuck you?" She screamed when you finally had her behind closed doors. When you finally had her. Yes, that's what you are going to keep telling yourself.

You could never even picture her screaming! There were so many things you didn't know about Donna...

Her lips, that you once thought were soft and delicate, sucked at your neck so hard you recognized that familiar feeling of what would be bruising in the morning.

Donna raked her sharp fingernails down your side, making you cringe and smile all at the same time. She didn't want you to forget who you're sleeping with, and there's something about that intensity that really turns you on.

Her lips traced a line across your neck and down your chest, until she wrapped her tongue in circles around your hard nipple. Your body was stiff like it hadn't been in a long time.

"Oh sweet Lord, what have I gotten myself into?" You let slip.

She punished you as her fingers brushed over your clit and then retreated, leaving you empty and aching for more.

As your body arched involuntarily in need, she forced your hips down with the pressure of her fingertips.

There were so many things you needed to learn about Donna. This was not the time for self-doubt.

You remember watching her go about her business in the office, always graceful and dutiful, blonde hair trailing behind as she whipped through the halls.

Always thinking she was unattainable, you'd take home everyone else you could get your hands on. You'd think of her when you climaxed, and once you might have even screamed her name.

You gasped as her fingers penetrated you and your mind was brought back to the moment. She laughed in satisfaction, almost evilly.

You whimpered and moaned as your body spasmed. Her fingers are incredibly skilled. You start to wonder where she learned how to do this.

You can't say there weren't days where you'd wonder if she even slept with women, if all your fantasies were in vain.

You always pictured sweeping her off her feet, and taking her innocence. No, you can't say you ever imagined it'd be like it turned out.

She has incredible stamina, and you had to push her kisses away to catch your breath. You never realized how much tension Donna had pent up inside of her. At least, that's what you were telling yourself it was, because that scenario makes you more comfortable.

There's something about her that began to make you a little uncomfortable though. It dawned on you that you weren't really in control. You've had at least three therapists tell you about your control problem, but you always try to block them out. Why were you thinking about what they said now, in the middle of sex with your ultimate fantasy?

When she slid down your body and her tongue founds your clit, she purred and you almost jumped out of your skin. Her breath against your warm flesh was slightly comforting, if you could just set aside the thoughts in your head.

This was about more than just the sex, wasn't it? You started to think to yourself. When you realized you weren't in control of your feelings, that's when you really started to worry.

"Stop," You said and then pushed her beautiful body away from you. With more force you said again, "Stop!"

She pulled away, giving you the room you needed. She may have been in charge -- and perhaps had more power over you than even she knew -- but she wasn't there to overstep any boundaries. For a moment you could almost see in her eyes that she wanted so badly for you to be happy.

Maybe there were things she was holding back. Maybe the assertive actions were a cover-up for feelings just as insecure as your own. A million thoughts flashed through your mind within those few seconds that you stared at her, breathing hard and trying to make up your mind what to say -- and more importantly, what to do.

In that very moment, Donna did the one thing that may have saved anything that would develop that night or in the future between the two of you. She smiled kindly and reached out to touch the side of your face gently. Her touch was so smooth and caring. It was exactly what you'd been longing to feel, and it was like all your cares melted away immediately.

The rest of the night was filled with soft kisses, meaningful touches, and long embraces. It turns out you and she both rushed into the night with expectations of what you wanted. You thought you just wanted to have amazing sex exactly the way it happened in your dreams a million times before with Donnatella Moss. She thought you wanted her to be something she wasn't. She thought you'd come to her last, because she wasn't as good as all the ones before her.

The truth of it was you were both wrong. You came to her last because you loved her.
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Thank you.
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[icon] Fashionably late? No, not so much. But I try. Hope you like... - Donna Moss Ficathon
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